Why White Collar Desk-Executives Suffer From So Many Physical Problems

By Hindy V. August 27, 2014 Fitness

White collar executives are typically prone t a certain condition called the sitting disease. This is caused by long hours of sitting hunched up in front of the computer. A WHO survey revealed that white collar executives have double the average risk of cardio vascular diseases, double the rate of stress, thrice the chances of procuring obesity, heart problems and hypertension. Rushcutters Bay boot camp personal trainers attribute all these health issues to a sedentary lifestyle and long hours kept by white collar employees.

Bad posture and spine problems

Sitting down for long periods of time in front of a computer comes with its own set of problems. The center of gravity of the body is dislocated as the posture is incorrect. Most white collar employees have the habit of slumping down in their chair which leads to bad posture, spine problems, shoulder pain and back ache.

If left unattended, these symptoms can escalate into spine disease. Not changing the posture can also make employees prone to sudden falls and trips as typically the upper body weigh completely falls on the heels instead of being distributed over the entire sole of the foot.

The corrective action for this includes doing body balance and coordination exercises and power yoga. Personal trainers Sydney are expert at helping out of shape white collar employees in re correcting their posture.

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Coronary heart disease

Heart disease kills more numbers of people every year than cancer or Aids. There are so many heart problems right from artery blockages to arrhythmic hear beats to myocardial infarction that entire groups of the medical world have been devoted to research more about its causes and symptoms from the last 50 years. Medical research indicates that white collar employees who are more inclined towards a sedentary lifestyle are 5 times more susceptible to coronary heart disease.

Cholesterol accumulation also happens much faster in the bodies of white collar employees due to their typically high fat diet and lack of exercise. Accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries leads to blockages and is cited to be the top reasons for heart attacks.

Eye trouble

Personal trainer from Sydney fitness groups says that people working in white collar sectors spend an inordinate time working in front of the computer. This cases eye strain, occurrence of sudden blurring and headaches as well as dizziness. This leads to weakened vision and causes hypermetropia as well as myopia as well as astigmatism.

There is probably no way out from escaping some form of eye trouble if you are facing the computer for long periods of time. The only advisable tip will be to wear glare protecting glasses and take a 5 minute break by closing your eyes after every 45 minutes.

Limb problems and loss of bone mass

Sitting for long periods in the same position with no exercise makes the lower limbs weak and decreases blood circulation. The bone mass density also decreases and osteoporosis seeps in. preventive measures include training with Sydney fitness groups for gaining limb flexibility and building bone muscle mass.